Summer Factory for talents - THe Jam Camp 2024

Where conditioning and basketball skills meet peak performance

The only basketball camp that test the participants with high technoligy systems for improving their strength and conditioning skills.

The JAM Summer Camp
Factory for talents






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Kiril Raykov (Coach K)

Head Coach and Director

Kiril Raykov is our head coach and director. He has more than 20 years experience and qualifications in the field of sport. He played more than 14 years as professional player in over 10 teams both in Bulgaria, USA, Germany and Norway. Champion of Bulgaria and Norway. 

Bachelor’s degree in Basketball 

Master degree in Strength and Conditioning
EXOS Performance Specialist (world top leading organisation for S&C coaches)

ALTIS Short Sprint Specialist (The best course of speed development in USA)

Posturepro Brain Coach Performance Specialist 

Posturepro Jaw and Body Connection Specialist 

Posturepro Neurovision Specialist 

From 2012 is part of the Nike Camp in USA as one of the head coaches Graduated form BC Barcelona University as S&C coach in team sports
Certified personal trainer, Kettlebell IKFF and Bulgarian Bag instuctor
Sports nutritionist by  C.O.R.F.I.T. 
Awarded for the best PT in Norway in 2014
MVP player in the ALL-STAR game in Norway (2015-2016)
The best European player in Norway (2015-2016)
Certified S&C coach by „Omniathlete“ system
Works with thousands of athletes around the world like elite level basketball players, olympic athletes, world champions etc.
From 2016 he is mentoring a lot of coaches in his seminars and courses and sport events.
His expertise and knowedge with international experience makes him one of the best in the field. Applying the last trends in coaching. 

Konstantin Kasurov


Bachelor’s degree in „V. Levski“ National Academy of Sciences with specializations in basketball coach and physical culture and sports teacher and postgraduate qualification Methodist in physical culture and sports at the structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Bulgarian Army.

Coaching career:
SBC „Atletic“ Sofia
Men’s teams:
SBK „Athletic“ Sofia and
BC „Voltron“ Sofia Association

Player history: Junior of: BC „Slavia“ Sofia. Also played for BC „LukOil Academic“, BC „Spartak – Ministry of Interior“.

Men’s teams: BC „LukOil Academic“, BC „Spartak-MVR“, BC „NSA“, BC „Sportist 1959“ Svoge, BC „Atletic“ Sofia, BC „Politehnika“ and BC „Voltron“ Sofia Association.

Chairman of SBC „Athletic“ Sofia and BC „Voltron“ Sofia Association

Manager in BBL, „WEST“ region for „A“, „B“ and „C“ group

Commentator of basketball events on B1B Box TV

Katerina Rudeva


Katerina Aneva Rudeva graduated from the National Sports Academy „Vasil Levski“ with a Master’s degree. Last year „Rilski Sportist“ became division champions at 12 and 14 years. Former coach of girls and boys born in 2011. She is currently the coach of girls born in 2015-2016. She became champion with  U12  with girls born 2010 and a few months later she became champion with the same team, taking the cup for U14.

Former player, who has 3 first places as a student at NSA. Two-time champion and winner of the cup with the BC Haskovo team, with which she also won two bronze medals. Former player of BC Rila Sportsist, Levski Sofia, NSA, Haskovo and Lukoil. She finished her career taking all the first places as a student and player for the Haskovo team, winning the cup and the championship.

Vladimir Zanev


Vladimir Zanev is a FIBA international basketball referee and conditioning coach. He holds a degree from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Science of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) with a major in Basketball.

He played basketball at the play maker position until junior/senior age with success in Bulgaria and Greece. He then transitioned into track and field and mid-long distance running as he assessed that in his favorite sport, basketball, he could help more as a coach.

While still a student at the Greek Sports Academy, he began coaching children at various basketball and track and field schools in Thessaloniki. Shortly after, in 2009, he also became a basketball referee to learn the rules better.

After moving to live in Cyprus he remained only a referee as there it is not allowed to combine coaching with refereeing, which led to him becoming an international referee in 2017.

Since then, alongside refereeing, he has concentrated on conditioning training mainly for athletes but not exclusively

Georgi Andonov


Born on May 13, 2001. in the city of Plovdiv.
He graduated from the „Vasil Levski“ sports school in Plovdiv with basketball and is now continuing his education at the „Vasil Levski“ National Academy of Sciences with the same major.

He has been playing basketball for 15 years.
At the age of 16, he began to enter the coaching field. For three years, he was part of the coaching staff of Academic Plovdiv’s Junior High School, during which time I also had two camps behind me as a coach.

Three years ago, he became part of the staff of the representative team of Akademik Plovdiv in the NBL. For the first two years, he served as the team’s scout and second assistant coach, and in the last year he was also elected as the team’s first assistant coach

Peter Dinkov


He played for the youth team of the basketball club „Beroe“. He is a 4th-year student in Kinesitherapy at Vasil Levski National Academy of Sciences.
He has knowledge and skills in the field of orthopedics and traumatology and conditioning of basketball players.
Part of the 2sport4life team, working with hundreds of athletes annually.
He deals with sports recovery and consults on Functional Diagnostics.
He has participated in sports seminars, the latest of which is the „Omniathlete Performance Foundation Course“.

Borislav Rusinov


Borislav Rusinov is 21 years old. He played for Academic Plovdiv and Rilski Sportist Samokov. With the team of Akademik he has a gold medal as an assistant coach, and with Rilski Sportist Samokov he has a 5th place in the junior republic championships 2 years ago. He is a 2nd year Conditioning student at NSA Vasil Levski and has also been part of the 2sport4life trainee program for over half a year.
The Jam International Basketball Camp invites you to The JAM Summer Camp “Factory for talents”

Every kid is tested with high technology equipment for their vertical jump (contact mat), speed (speed gates), agility (blazepod system). We rate them and give rank from 1 to 10, on which they can win The Jam Cup and individual awards. In the end of the camp we give feedback that can been used in future training for improving their skills. We have skills challenge testing, shooting testing, 3 points competition that will rank every participant in their technical skills.

The format of The Jam Camp provides a fantastic opportunity to improve your strength and conditioning and basketball skills, practicing English in a multi-cultural environment. And all this in the middle of the fresh air at the foot of Rila Mountain.

“Our Summer Factory for Talents” welcomes young athletes (girls and boys between 10-18 years old) who want to improve their game under the mentorship of industry experts.

We believe that true development comes from personal attitudes. That is why at The Jam Camp we apply world-renowned methods that aim to develop the potential of each participant in the most effective way.

Turn your potential into a weapon to victory!

Improve your skills in a friendly atmosphere, where sportsmanship is part of the game!

The JAM Camp gives you the opportunity to acquire new skills, upgrade old ones and all this while having fun with friends and practicing English.

The camp will be 3 weeks. Every participant can choose one of the following options: 

I training week  – 07.07 – 13.07.2024

II training week– 14.07 – 20.07.2024

III training week– 21.07 – 27.07.2024

Full package – 09.07 – 22.07.2023

Deadline for registration – 24.06.2023

Samokov city 

Grand Hotel Samokov


Sports hall “Arena Samokov”

The Jam Combine

A format in which all participants will go through various physical and technical tests (strength, speed with photocell system, rebound, shooting, ball handling), vertical jump with contact mat, agility with reactive system, modeled on the National Basketball Association (NBA) in America and Coach K expertise is sport science. The aim is to get an idea of ​​the level of newcomers, and the regular participants to adjust the clock and compare their progress with the previous camp. Each test will carry points that will accumulate, and at the end of the week someone will win the The Jam Combine Cup.

Agility test with the BlazePod system

Fundamentals first approach to basketball

Every morning the trainings will be focused on the development of the fundamentals techniques in basketball in defense and offense. Participants will go through various stations to improve ball handling,  shooting, passing, defense and offense and more.   

3vs3, 5vs5 and 1vs1 tournaments

During the week there are different types of tournaments and games 1on1, 3on3 and 5on5. Here the children should apply what they have learned from the morning stations. One of the days there is a match between the participants and the coaches. If there are willing parents to get involved they are welcome. There will be a tournament winner from each age group at the end of the week.

Lectures and special guests

We will be visited by people who have something to share and from who we have something to learn. These are experts in the field of basketball, or successful people whose motivation will inspire you.

Coach K is expert in mobility training, which is so important in basketball. Every morning the kids are doing different yoga, stretching, corrective exercises and fascial stretching. Also they do breathing techniques and meditation, as well as visualisation, manifestation and mental preparation for the day.

We have 2 strength, speed and power workouts each week. Every day we pick one that will use our recovery tools FOR FREE like Normatec systems, Hypervolt gun, COMPEX EST. We have innovative tools for improving basketball skills like footwork mat. 

In the free time the kids can use the swimming pool, do hiking, watch movies, or celebrate birthdays.

Every Friday night we invite the parents to be part of the camp and play 5vs5 games with the kids and the coaches. We do slam dunk contest, shooting competition and have so much fun.

You need to secure your own transport to and from Samokov.


1 training week

BGN 920
  • For kids all over the world
  • Period: one of the weeks between 7-27.07.24
  • Full board
  • Water
  • Snack
  • Practices (30 hours)
  • Lectures about bseketball, nutrition, recovery and sleep
  • Uniform
  • Rewards and unforgettable emotions

1 training week
(Day campers)

BGN 590
  • For day campers
  • Period: one of the weeks between 7-27.07.24
  • Water
  • Snackj
  • Practices (30 hours)
  • Lectures about bseketball, nutrition, recovery and sleep
  • Uniform
  • Rewards and unforgettable emotions

package 2

BGN 1890
  • Period: 07 - 20.07.2024. or 14 - 27.07.24.
  • Full board
  • Water
  • Snack
  • Practices (60 hours)
  • Lectures about bseketball, nutrition, recovery and sleep
  • Uniform
  • One transitional day *
  • Rewards and unforgettable emotions
  • *full board with extra activities on the day between the weeks

package 3

BGN 2790
  • Period: 07- 27.07.24.
  • Full board
  • Water
  • Snack
  • Practices (90 hours)
  • Lectures about bseketball, nutrition, recovery and sleep
  • Uniform
  • Two transitional days *
  • Rewards and unforgettable emotions
  • *full board with extra activities on the days between the weeks

Important: There are no refunds for cancellations, delays, early termination or missing part of the camp.

Deadline for registartion:

Days remaining


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