Veselin Veselinov

Experience:3 years

Age:38 years


Veselin Veselinov



Vesselinov is considered one of the most intelligent and educated Bulgarian basketball players in the new millennium. In addition to a solid 20-year professional career, the power forward has always invested time and effort in his education.

Bachelor of Political Science from West Virginia State University in the United States (graduated in 2006). Master’s degree in Business Administration from the International Business School in Bulgaria.
Vesselinov was born on February 16, 1983 in Sofia. Seven times champion of Bulgaria: six of them with Lukoil Academic (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015) and once with Levski Lukoil (2018). Three times winner of the Cup (2011, 2012, 2013) and once of the Super Cup with Lukoil Academic (2017).

A graduate of Casper College (2001-2004) and the University of West Virginia State (2004-2007) overseas. Before leaving for the USA in the summer of 2001, he made his debut in men’s basketball with the team of Slavia (1998-1999), after which he dressed the teams of Buba (1999-2001) and Levski (2001-2002).
In his career he defended the colors of Rilski Sportist (2015-2016), Timisoara in Romania (2015-2016) and Lucerne in Switzerland (2016-2017). For many years it has been an integral part of our national teams in all age groups (16, 18, men).

After finishing his career as a player, Vesko immediately changed his position as manager of Levski Lukoil, and from September 2021 he will lead the men of BC Heber.

He graduated SDK Basketball at the National Sports Academy in Sofia as a basketball coach and He is in the FIBA ​​program for the FIBA ​​Players’ Mentorship program.

Kiril and Vesko played together for the last time in the team of Levski, in which year our head coach ends his professional career.


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