Manuel Markov

Experience:13 years

Age:40 years


Manuel Markov



After 10 years as a coach in one of the best youth club in Bulgaria BUBA Basketball, where he is its executive director, Manuel takes over the position of head coach at BC Montana. Kiril Raykov and Manuel Markov were together in BC Levski in the last season before Kiril ended his career. It was Markov who was his head coach. Currently, the two are working together on various projects for young athletes, one of which is the training for strength and conditioning and motor skills development “Miracle Child”.

Manuel Markov has a long and successful career as a professional basketball player. With over 10 years of coaching experience, Markov is one of the best and established young professionals in Bulgaria. As a coach of the national teams for juniors under 16 and twice for juniors under 18, he participated in European Championships, where his competitors were selected as MVP (most valuable player).

Manuel CV is so big that we have to separate a few articles about it. He has multiple championships in Bulgaria for juniors for BUBA basket. The children in “The Jam” will have the opportunity to learn from one of the best specialists in Bulgaria for teenagers. He will reveal some secrets in basketball that will help children get better on the field.


Ball Handling


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