Summer camp (09 July – 22 July 2023)

The Jam International Basketball Camp invites you to The JAM Summer Camp Tour “Factory for talents”

This year we are again in Samokov. The trainings will be held in the big halls of Arena Samokov and the accommodation will be in the Grand Hotel located right next the gym.



The format of The Jam Camp provides a fantastic opportunity to improve your strength and conditioning and basketball skills, practicing English in a multi-cultural environment. And all this in the middle of the fresh air at the foot of Rila Mountain.

“Our Summer Factory for Talents” welcomes young athletes (girls and boys between 10-18 years old) who want to improve their game under the mentorship of industry experts.

We believe that true development comes from personal attitudes. That is why at The Jam Camp we apply world-renowned methods that aim to develop the potential of each participant in the most effective way.

Turn your potential into a weapon to victory!

Improve your skills in a friendly atmosphere, where sportsmanship is part of the game!

The JAM Camp gives you the opportunity to acquire new skills, upgrade old ones and all this while having fun with friends and practicing English.


Our head coach and director

Coach K (Kiril Raykov) is the head strength and conditioning coach of the elite Nike basketball camp in America, coached hundreds for professional basketball players and other athletes around the globe.

His invaluable knowledge and international experience combine the best of American and European teaching methods. Coach K knows how to develop everyone’s potential in the most effective way possible.




The camp will take place within 2 weeks, and each participant will have the opportunity to register by choosing from the following options:

I training week – 09.07 – 15.07.2023 (Sold Out)

II training week – 16.07 – 22.07.2023

Full package – 09.07 – 22.07.2023 (Sold Out)

Deadline for registration – 26.06.2023



Samokov, Bulgaria

Samokov Arena Sport Hall

Important – You need to secure your own transport to and from Samokov.



The Jam Combine

A format in which all participants will go through various physical and technical tests (strength, speed, rebound, shooting, ball handling) modeled on the National Basketball Association (NBA) in America. The aim is to get an idea of ​​the level of newcomers, and the regular participants to adjust the clock and compare their progress with the previous camp. Each test will carry points that will accumulate, and at the end of the week someone will win the The Jam Combine Cup.

Fundamentals first approach to basketball

Every morning the trainings will be focused on the development of the fundamentals techniques in basketball in defense and offense. Participants will go through various stations to improve ball handling,  shooting, passing, defense and offense and more.

3vs3, 5vs5 and 1vs1 tournaments

During the week there are different types of tournaments and games 1on1, 3on3 and 5on5. Here the children should apply what they have learned from the morning stations. One of the days there is a match between the participants and the coaches. If there are willing parents to get involved they are welcome. There will be a tournament winner from each age group at the end of the week.

Lectures and special guests

We will be visited by people who have something to share and from who we have something to learn. These are experts in the field of basketball, or successful people whose motivation will inspire you.



Price for 1 training week – 790 leva

Price for 2 training weeks plus 1 transitional day  – 1630 leva

The price includes:

– full board

– water

– snack

– training activities

– lectures

– equipment

– rewards and unforgettable emotions

The price does not include:

– transport to the camps


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