The Jam Spring Camp

The Jam International Basketball Camp
invites you to
The Jam Spring Camp  , Anglo-American School of Sofia between 22nd-23th of April

A fantastic opportunity to improve your strength, conditioning and basketball skills, while practicing your English in a multi-cultural environment.

The Jam Camp is designed for young athletes, ages 8-18, who want to improve their overall game under the mentorship of expert coaches.

Because we care about each player, we take on a personal approach. Our tailor-made training techniques aim to bring the best out of each participant.

We transform your potential into a winning tool!

Challenge yourself and join us for a weekend full of fun and basketball. Improve your skills in a friendly atmosphere where sportsmanship is part of the game.

The Jam Christmas Camp gives you the chance to learn new skills, build on existing ones, and have fun playing with your friends and teammates.


The program:

First up, we test all participants, employing а method used for NBA players, to track and compare their results. A series of athletic and skills tests will assess Speed, Power, Agility, Mobility, Strength, Shooting etc.

Participants from previous camps will have the opportunity to compare their results and monitor their progress every time they take part in The Jam Camps.

Players go through different stations, working on their shooting, ball-handling, rebounding, passing, playing better defence etc.

Afternoons are for games and tournaments, during which the participants actively apply what they have worked on during the morning sessions.


Lectures and guests speaking

The Jam Camp’s multidisciplinary approach includes guest speakers, who come to share their experience and knowledge. Our special guests vary from athletes to motivational speakers and celebrities


09: 30-10: 00 – Registration
10: 00-12: 00 – Testing (speed, strength and agility) and stations
12: 30-13: 30 – Lunch
13: 30-14: 15 – Lecture / presentation
14: 30-16: 30 – 1 on 1 and 3 on 3
16: 30-16: 45 – Stretching and closing


09: 30-10: 00 – Warm-up
10: 00-12: 00 – Testing (shooting, dribbling and ball skills) and stations
12: 30-13: 30 – Lunch
13: 30-14: 15 – Lecture / presentation
14: 30-16: 30 – Finals of the tournament. Closing ceremony and awards.

Kiril Raykov (Coach K) is the head coach and manager of the camp.

He has been part of the game for 14 years as a professional player and over 10 years as a coach.

His Master’s Degree in Strength and Conditioning allows him to incorporate the best practices for greater gains. Kiril is always trying to develop his knowledge. Thus, he continued his studies at the University of FC Barcelona as Strength and Conditioning Coach specifically for team sports.

Since 2011, Kiril has been the head strength and conditioning coach at Nike Basketball Camp in USA.

Price 240 leva includes:

– Food
– Water
– Snacks
– Trainings
– Lectures
– Equipment
– Awards and unforgettable memories

Age groups:

Boys/girls: 8y. – 12y.
Boys/girls: 12y. – 14y.
Cadets: 14y. – 16y.
Adolescents: 16y. – 18y.

We believe that true development comes from a personal attitude. That’s why at The Jam Camp we apply world-renowned methods that aim to develop the potential of everyone involved in the most effective way.

Turn your potential into a means of victory!

The JAM Camp gives you the opportunity to acquire new skills, upgrade your old skills and all while having fun with friends and practicing English.


The Location:

Save the date to slam at The Jam!

(22nd-23th of April)

Deadline for registration 16.04.2023

For registrations click HERE!


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